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Autore: Luca TRESCA
Electrolux Open Innovation: Engineering Challenge Time to join

The launch of Electrolux Open Innovation‘s Technology Challenge to Engineering University students is about to happen!

You have now the last chance to get onboard and give your students the opportunity to join an international competition (see details below).



We will present a problem-solving, technical challenge and ask students to provide for solutions in a two-step process:

·       Step 1 – Ideation: students to submit valuable concepts to solve the related project

·        Step 2 – Development: student teams submitting the best concept get the possibility to make a prototype

Our partner Nimble Bee will manage the contest while we, Electrolux, will interact on a regular base with students throughout a dedicated software platform, providing indications, feedbacks and reviews.



The competition will be mutually beneficial, not only for Electrolux:

·        Students can gain a real-life experience, while interacting and getting feedbacks from a multinational Corporation. Every participant gets a certificate and the winners are rewarded with a money prize

·        Universities can showcase the talents of their students and be part of a network that is driven by innovations in teaching; moreover, Schools who deliver finalists also get an engagement fee.



Get to know the brief abstract of the challenges! Go to http://www.nimblebee.eu/engineering-nda/ (PW: nimble) to acknowledge the topic to see whether it fits to your academic program.

You can find more information and details about the competition process on presentation here attached and on Nimble website: http://www.nimblebee.eu

If you think this challenge might be a great fit for your course and your students, please get in touch with us to CONFIRM PARTICIPATION OF YOUR UNIVERSITY by September, 15th via nimblebee@cognistreamer.com or call us at +32 56 36 21 99 or +32 56 36 21 97.


Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. 


Kind regards

Electrolux Open Innovation & The Nimble Bee team
Data inserimento: 04/09/2017 - Data scadenza: 30/12/2017