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Autore: Edoardo Fiorucci
Akronos Technologies Torino ricerca 2 ingegneri elettrici

Akronos Technologies S.r.l. con sede in Torino cerca 2 ingegneri elettrici per i seguenti profili:

1)      EMC Laboratory Key operational:

Key operational  responsibilities: 

• To be able to perform test, measurement and calibration activities of the laboratory;

• To ensure compliance with EMC and Radio standards of our products;

• To manage the technical documentation according to the CE or other directives;

• To perform EMC and Radio test (immunity & emission tests);

Competencies needed: 

• Electrical / electronic degree, technical engineer or relevant experience;

• Electrical and Electronics component knowledge;

• Knowledge of EMC laboratory equipment;

• Knowledge of international standards (CISPR, IEC 61000 series, ETSI…);

• Open-minded;

• Practical problem solving skills;

• Team oriented;

• Ability to work within a matrix organization; 

• Good communication skills;

• Creative & Proactive;

• Willing to travel.


2)      Motor Control Developer:


• Development of Motor Control Algorithm for IM and PM applied to washing machine and tumble dryers

• Preparation and maintenance of documentation related to the electronic inverter motor control board (i.e..schematics and BOM)

• Motor analysis, testing and parameterization

• EMC test of motor control board

• Preparation of documentation for Safety certification of motor control board

• Development of motor control inverter functionality

• Motor testing and parameterization


• Good knowledge of DSP /  MICRO CONTROLLER, C language and assembly  programming.

• Basic knowledge of electric motors, construction / application 

• Proven knowledge of motor control algorithms

• Proven knowledge of simulation tools as Matlab/Simulink

• Basic knowledge of HW design for inverters; 

• EMC knowledge on Power Electronics;



I candidati interessati possono contattare il prof. Edoardo Fiorucci per ulteriori informazioni.

Data inserimento: 19/09/2019 - Data scadenza: 19/12/2019