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Autore: Edoardo Fiorucci
Offerta di lavoro - ingegneri elettrici/elettronici

Importante azienda nel settore dei sistemi di sicurezza e domotica cerca test engineers, in provincia id Teramo.

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Profilo richiesto:

Test Engineering collaborates with different departments from network engineers, support and operations to ensure a plan is in motion to provide a seamless product launch.

Test Engineering is responsible for designing and implementing the testing resources (HW/FW) that ensure the quality and the functionality of production volumes. Test Engineering is involved in all phases of the testing program, from designing the test parameters to troubleshooting errors, analyzing results and identifying the root cause of malfunctions, and writing up final test procedures.

The candidate will operate in a lean production environment and she/he will be active part of the manufacturing targets like productivity, efficiency, 5s.

Data inserimento: 17/02/2021 - Data scadenza: 12/03/2021