Nome: Maria Gabriella
Cognome: Cimoroni
Qualifica: Ricercatore confermato
Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: MAT/08 (Analisi Numerica)
Struttura di afferenza: Dipartimento di Ingegneria e scienze dell'informazione e matematica
Email: mariagabriella.cimoroniunivaq.it
Telefono Ufficio: 0862 434339

Insegnamenti tenuti - a.a.

InsegnamentoOrario di ricevimento
Analisi numerica e complementi di matematica (I3N - Ingegneria dell'Informazione) Su appuntamento (per mail).

Curriculum scientifico

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Maria Gabriella Cimoroni received the degree in Mathematics in 1989 from the University of L’Aquila with score 110/110 cum laude. After graduation she attended the post-graduate Inter-University of Perugia and the CNR Computational Mathematics School in Naple. From 1994 she is Researcher in Numerical Analysis at University of L’Aquila where she teaches Numerical Analysis and Complements of Mathematics. Research activities have been almost devoted to new spline operators for approximation of functions, for numerical evaluation of Cauchy principal value integrals and for numerical solution of integro-differential equations. Her current research interests are new analytical and numerical methods for modulation algorithms applied to multilevel converters. She is author and co-author of papers published in international journals or in proceedings of international conferences. She acted as a referee for international journals like IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. In 2016 has been co-organizer (publication co-chair) of 42th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IEEE-IES).

Journal papers

[1] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, G. Kulothungan, A. Edpugnanti, A. K. Rathore, A Selective Harmonic Elimination method for Multilevel Converters for Distributed generation (2016) (In printing)

[2] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, SHE formulation for five level inverters with unequal DC sources. International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT 2015), Seville,17-19 March 2015, p. 1167-1172.

[3] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, Performance analysis and simulation of unbalanced DC sources five level inverter topology. 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Applications (ICRERA 2015), Palermo, 22-25 Nov. 2015, p. 1152-1156.

[4] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, K. Razi, An Analytical Method for Pattern Generation in Five-Level Cascaded H-bridge Inverters using Selective Harmonics Elimination. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 61, issue 11, p. 5811-5819.

[5] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, K. Razi, A deterministic harmonics mitigation technique for five-level inverters. IECON 2014 - 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Dallas, 29 Ottobre- 1 Novembre 2014, p. 1007-1013.

[6] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, K. Razi, Harmonic mitigation technique for multilevel inverters in power systems International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM 2014), Ischia, 18-20 Giugno 2014, p. 73-77.

[7] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, Harmonics Elimination in 5-Level Converters Operating at Very Low Switching Frequency. IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technologies (ICIT 2013) - Conference Proceedings. Cape Town (South Africa), 25-28 Febbraio 2013, p. 1946-1951.

[8] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, An Analitycal Algorithm for Selective Harmonics Elimination and Efficient Control in 5-Level Inverters (ISIE 2013), Taipei (Taiwan), 28-31 Maggio 2013. IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, p. 1-6.

[9] C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M.G. Cimoroni, K. Razi, Real-time Harmonics Elimination Procedures for High-Power Converters, IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IWIES 2013), Conf. Proc. IWIES 2013, Vienna, 14 Novembre 2013, p.179-184.


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