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Nome: Anna
Cognome: Chiaradonna
Qualifica: Ricercatore a tempo determinato
Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: ICAR/07 (Geotecnica)
Struttura di afferenza: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile - Architettura, Ambientale
Email: anna.chiaradonna1univaq.it
Telefono Ufficio: +39 0862434507

Insegnamenti tenuti - a.a.

InsegnamentoOrario di ricevimento
Earthquake geotecnical engineering (I4C - Ingegneria Civile)

Martedì ore 12:30 - 14:30

Piano B-1 n.5 Complesso Ingegneria P.le Pontieri 1, Monteluco di Roio (AQ) 

Disponibile per appuntamenti in orari e giorni diversi concordati tramite email. Per ricevimento a distanza, contattare il docente tramite aula virtuale MS Teams: 5zugjxt 


Tue - 12:30-14:30

Floor B-1 n.5 Engineering Building P.le Pontieri 1, Monteluco di Roio (AQ) 

Available in other days if agreed by email. For any clarification in virtual mode, please, reach the MS Teams classroom: 

Curriculum scientifico

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Anna Chiaradonna is a Research Assistant in Geotechnical Engineering at the Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering of the University of L'Aquila (UnivAQ), Italy, since August 2019. She is the teacher in charge of the “Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering” Course for Master students in Civil Engineering since 2020. In 2019 she obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in Geotechnics. She graduated with honors in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Napoli Federico II in 2012, and a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering with excellent grade in 2016 with a PhD thesis titled: Development and assessment of a numerical model for non-linear coupled analysis on seismic response of liquefiable soils at the University of Napoli Federico II. Her past professional experience includes 2 months (June-July 2019) as Research Fellowships at the University of Napoli Federico II, 1 year (2018 - 2019) as Research Fellowship at National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IGAG), 1 year (2017- 2018) as Research Fellowships at the University of Napoli Federico II in the European project Horizon 2020 – “LIQUEFACT”, and a 4-months (July – October 2016) Research Scholarship in the DPC-ReLUIS (University Network of Seismic Engineering Laboratories).


Her research focuses on numerically and experimentally studying ground failure due to earthquake-induced liquefaction and its mitigation. Her work on the prediction of excess pore pressure with different approaches in the assessment of liquefaction triggering and consequences on the built environment has been developed during the participation to several numerical benchmarks (Prenolin, LEAP-UCD2017, LEAP-2018, LEAP2020) and international projects funded from the National Research Council, European H2020, NSF Program.


       -     2022. Training in the Erasmus+ program at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute - NGI (Norway)

-      2020. Visiting Scholar at University of California at Davis (US) – Center for Geotechnical Modelling Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

-      2019. Fellowship at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) - Department of Civil & Natural Resources Engineering

-      2015. Internship at University of Washington, Seattle, WA (US) at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


She is author of more than 80 publications including 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals, more than 50 papers in proceedings of refereed international and national conferences, 1 monograph.