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Andrea Silvestri

Nome: Andrea
Cognome: Silvestri
Qualifica: Personale esterno
Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: ING-IND/33 (Sistemi Elettrici Per L'energia)
Struttura di afferenza: Struttura esterna
Email: asilv83gmail.com
Altro telefono: 3463072648

Insegnamenti tenuti - a.a.

InsegnamentoOrario di ricevimento
Sistemi elettrici per l'energia (I4L - Ingegneria Elettrica) PREVIO APPUNTAMENTO TELEFONICO GIOVEDÃ? ORE 12.00

Curriculum scientifico

(Aggiornato il 25-09-2018)

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A. Prudenzi, V. Caracciolo, A. Silvestri, “Identification of electrical load typical patterns in hospital for supporting energy management strategies”, Proc. Of IFHE 2008, ottobre 20-22, 2008, Barcelona, Spain.


A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri, M.Regoli “A Residential Electric Load Simulator to Support Demand Management Strategies in Competitive Electricity Markets”, EEDAL’09 5th Internatinal Conference on Energy in Domestic Appliance and Lighting, June 16-18, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.


A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri, V. Caracciolo “Electrical Load Analysis in a Hospital Complex”, IEEE POWERTECH’09 Innovative Ideas toward the Electrical Grids of the Future, 28 June-2 July, 2009 in Bucarest, Romania.


A. Prudenzi, M.Regoli, A.Silvestri “Predicting Demand Response of Residential End Use through a Psycological Model of Electricity Demand” IEEE-PES/IAS Conference on SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY , September 28-30, 2009  in Valencia, Spain.


A. Prudenzi ,M.C. Falvo, A. Silvestri “Identification of cost effective energy saving measures in building through a software tool” 2009 IEEE Industry Applications Annual Meeting, October 4-8, 2009, in Houston, TX, USA


A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri, R. Lamedica, M.C. Falvo, M. Regoli “A domestic electric load simulator including psychological aspects of demand” Proc. Of IEEE PES General Meeting  2010 "Power Systems Engineering in Challenging Times"  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA July 25 - 29, 2010


A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri, M. Regoli “An electric load simulator for psychological aspects of demand”, The First European Conference Energy Efficiency and Behaviour 18-20 October 2009, Maastricht


A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri, R. Lamedica, M. C. Falvo, M. Regoli “Simulation of the Italian Domestic Household’s Daily Load Shape through a Psychological Model of Demand: Application to Standby Power Demand” ,EEDAL 2011 24-26 May 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark


A. Prudenzi,  A. Silvestri, R. Lamedica, M. C. Falvo, U. Grasselli, M. Regoli  “Standby Power End Users and Their Demand Management Impact on Household’s Load Shape” PES GM 201  24 – 28 July 2011 in Detroit, Michigan, USA


      A. Prudenzi, A.Silvestri, G. Lucci, M. Regoli “Analisys of Residential Standby Power Demand Control through a Psychological Model of Demand”, EEEIC 11 8-11 May 2011, Rome, Italy


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      A. Prudenzi, A. Silvestri “Simulation of DSM Actions Impact Prediction on Residential Daily Load Shape”, UPEC 2011 5- 8 September 2011  in Soest, Germany.