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Laboratory of Advanced Networks

Denominazione del corso: Laboratory of Advanced Networks
Corso di studi: I4T - Laurea magistrale in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni
Numero di moduli: 1
Crediti: 3
Ore: 30
Tipologia: D - Attivitą a scelta dello studente
Struttura: monodisciplinare
Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: ING-INF/03 (Telecomunicazioni)

Docente: Francesco Valentini (30 ore). Titolo copertura: a contratto
Orario di ricevimento: Tuesday 15:00 - 17:00, unless differently specified in the 'news' section ('Avvisi').

Programma sintetico del corso:

The course aims to complete the educational offer of the course 'Advanced and software defined networks', deepening the advanced aspects of networking capabilities provided by an enterprise network. It faces issues related to deployments in production networks, taking advantage of real devices in a laboratory environment. The course deals with routing and switching functionalities, also analyzing security aspects, access control policies and network management.

Programma esteso del corso:

Link Programma completo (PDF)    (Aggiornato il 21-09-2018)

Routing Concepts: Router Initial Configuration, Routing Decisions, Router Operation Static Routing: Implement Static Routes, Configure Static and Default Routes, Troubleshoot Static and Default Routes Routing Dynamically: Dynamic Routing Protocols, RIPv2, The Routing Table Switched Networks: LAN Design, The Switched Environment Switch Configuration: Basic Switch Configuration, Switch Security Virtual-LANs: VLAN Segmentation, VLAN Implementation, Inter-VLAN Routing Using Routers Access Control Lists: ACL Operation, Standard IPv4 ACLs, Troubleshoot ACLs DHCP: Theory and implementation of DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 NAT for IPv4: NAT Operation, Configure Static and Dynamic NAT, Configure PAT, Troubleshooting Device Discovery, Management, and Maintenance: Device Discovery with CDP and LLDP, Device Management with NTP and Syslog, File and configurations backup, password recovery and IOS file system

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Risultati di apprendimento previsti:

- On successful completion of this module the student should know the advanced aspects of networking and be able to deal with routing and switching functionalities, security aspects, access control policies and network management; - The student should be able to design and configure the main features of an enterprise-level network.

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